Prva Petoletka Trstenik

"Prva Petoletka" Trstenik was incorporated on 23.03.1949, with a decision by the government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, at the beginning of the first five-year development plan, after which it was named.

"Prva Petoletka" is an integral manufacturer of all types of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems for a wide application range, from submarines to airplanes.

"Prva Petoletka" today is a significant exporter, delivering its products in over 30 countries on four continents. Reaching 40% export level at its peak, "Prva Petoletka" sold more hydraulics and pneumatics to the world than all the domestic and foreign producers in Yugoslavia jointly.

The company employs over 1100 workers who have consistently and persistently conquered the production of hydraulics and pneumatics and expanded their application, which has contributed to increased productivity and its humanization, leading to a number of acknowledgements.

"Prva Petoletka" Trstenik has a certified quality management system ISO 9001 issued by UV CERT certification house, for brakes and other devices and systems for road and rail vehicles and mobile machines, lubrication systems and devices, fuel flow, preparation and production of compressed air, signalization, freight manipulation, cooling systems and turbo-compressors.


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