listThe Krafting Group team has carried out a large number of projects and numerous environmental impact assessment studies, as well as production studies in accordance with the requirements for cleaner production for large industrial capacities and small and medium enterprises. Moreover, the Krafting Group team has the expertise and experience in providing consulting services and trainings, presentations and lectures for strengthening the capacities and raising public awareness for environmental issues for various target groups, including municipalities, NGOs and the business community in the Republic of Macedonia.
In the course of implementing its activities, the professional team of Krafting Group takes care about their environmental impact and takes action to eliminate all potentially adverse effects on the environment.
Our consulting team has a long-standing cooperation with national and international donors in the Republic of Macedonia, including UNDP, NATO, EBOR, GTZ, REC, EAR, etc.
Additionally, Krafting Group collaborates with consultants from various scientific institutions specialized in sociology, political sciences, biology, hydrology, environmental protection, etc.
Consulting services performed by Krafting Group:

  • conceptual and strategic planning
  • preparation of environmental protection analysis
  • preparation of environmental impact assessment studies
  • preparation of strategic environmental assessment studies
  • preparation of feasibility studies
  • preparation of preliminary and main projects
  • implementation of ISO and HACCP standards
  • projects for urban landscaping and land usage
  • water supply system projects
  • administrative services